500th Anniversary of the Reformation




The next movie in our Reformation series is the Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed the World.  The event will be held Thursday, September 28, 2017 beginning at 6:30pm at the Regal Stadium 14 Theatre in Columbia, MO. 
Martin Luther triggered a seismic upheaval that rocked the western world in the 1500s—with an impact that continues to reverberate to this day. This film tells the great adventure story of his life.  At the same time, it examines his quest for truth—questions we all must face—including "Who am I?" "What is my purpose" and "How do I get right with God?"  
Now you can see this compelling new movie at a special screening .... mark your calendar for September 28 and join us at the theatre.



"What it means to be a Lutheran" Project

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Committee at Trinity LC has decided to publish in the "News of the Son" monthly newsletter, a short article for the next year.  We are asking individuals who are communicant members of Trinity to write a paragraph or two about what it means to them to be a Lutheran.  Hopefully, it would be related in some way to the Reformation.  It does not have to have a direct connection.  We are asking that the articles be 1/4 to, at most, 1/2 page in length.

If you are not sure how to start, below are some suggestions to start your thinking process.  These are not requirements.

  1. Your journey to becoming Lutherans.
  2. What, when and where got your attention about Lutheran doctrine?
  3. Why is the Book of Concord important to you today?
  4. Why are you a Lutheran?
  5. What is meaningful to you about the Reformation?
  6. What Lutheran doctrine has the most meaning for your life today?
  7. Do you connect the Liturgy we use today to the Reformation?  If so, how?
  8. For your and our peace of mind, we will ask one of the Pastors to review each article for inadvertent doctrinal misstatements.  If an item is discovered, we will discuss it , privately, with you.
  9. We would like to include your name at the end of the article, in the "News of the Son".  If you prefer not to have your name published, we will honor that request.
  10. The Committees plan is that Articles that are not published in the "News of the Son" will be published in booklet form, at the end of the Celebration.
  11. Please send complete Articles by email to elesterhaus@centurytel.net, or turn in to the church office.